Society has implemented many changes, which in turn required changes on my side as well. Gone are days of in person gatherings, and meetings. Zoom, facetime, teams, and discord meetings are being utilized to have that feeling of in person meetings however it is not always functional. Internet connectivity plays a factor, causing poor reception to the group. The interruption of connectivity also has the downside of stakeholders missing key words in a conversation. As for a superpower, I personally do to believe that I have one (or any). What I do carry with my professional tool bag is patience and understanding. If the meeting is challenged with poor internet connections, I will find a path that leads everyone to understand the desired outcomes for each task. When in doubt, there is always a phone to use to call the person too should further clarity be needed. The future is of course unknown, while also being unclear on the direction for corporations to attend group functions or meetings. Looking forward as well to getting back into society after this schoolwork is complete, to teach either aboriginal students with IT. Alternate plans would be to rejoin a corporate global office and use these new skills.