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Pinpoint the media debate in current events [Rod & David]

Article 1: MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach: Does It Affect Reading Fluency in Elementary School? Summary Kloos, et al. present a study of MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC) as a reading fluency program compared against “instruction as usual” and alternative… Continue Reading →

Assignment 1: Brad Baker, Educator and leader

Presented by Rod. LRNT 523, assignment 1 Brad Baker is an educator, based in North Vancouver. 1995, he discovered he was the first aboriginal teacher hired in the district. Brad has received recognition from the district as well with an… Continue Reading →

Unit 1, Activity 3 – Reflection on chapters 9-18

The idea of television being just a moving picture radio device, that had me taken aback. New technology appears to be held back by change for the masses until they realize the extent the new technology brings to the user…. Continue Reading →

Unit 1, Activity 2 Reflect on reading

Information galore, presented in this book! Learning the web was created intentionally to be decentralized, shows forethought of those before us. Many servers conducting the data sure gave the internet that ability to always be accessible. Seeing the evolution of… Continue Reading →

What makes a good research question?

The question about a good research question, is a really good question! The ability to point the questions towards a definitive goal is needed, so long as the information is not too restrictive. Choice of qualitative, quantitative and mixed for… Continue Reading →

Welcome to your site!

This is your WebSpace powered by WordPress site. It will be the home for your journey through the MALAT program, and you can customize it to meet your needs and reflect your style. Use these tutorials to learn more about… Continue Reading →

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