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LRNT 528 | Assignment 1 | Facilitating in Digital Learning Environments

As the technical manager within IT, interaction with the staff remains at a high level. Working with multiple business units within the parent company leads a very diverse and complex connection out to the staff. Facilitation of actual classes is… Continue Reading →

MALAT 528 | Activity 1-4 | Blog 3-2-1

Three, two, one Initial thoughts or ideas upon facilitation. Adaptation for change with regards to lectern to digital presence comes with challenges. Place as much information online without saturation to the student, in a timely fashion. Leave lines of communication… Continue Reading →

Unit 1, Activity 3 | Individual blog post | LRNT-526

Virtual Reality (VR) based applications on the iPad to eliminate proctoring. Reading articles which note students being persecuted for a variety of reasons during a proctor controlled online examination, places distrust into a system designed to create future leaders. While… Continue Reading →

Looking back on Leadership | 525

  Upon reflection of the leadership in digital learning, I have learned that the same task can be preformed and completed with success in various paths. Gone are the days of pleading ignorance to the current processes. Those before us,… Continue Reading →

DigitalChangeToolKit | Introducing Collaborative Digital Learning Platforms in K-12 Education | LRNT525

Good day, all Kristin Beeby, Wendy Grymaloski, Denys Koval, Sandra Norum, and I, welcome you to our submission for Assignment 2: Toolkit for Leading the Implementation of Digital Technologies (Team), We welcome all to comments upon our submission.  … Continue Reading →

exchange to 365, in a corporate environment Assign 3 | activity 2 | LRNT 525

Working through two different corporations with an upgrade change moving from exchange server (email), to 365 online has been a challenge. The recent changes are not without difficulties, accounts not properly transferring to the loss of data out of the… Continue Reading →

Managing change for leading in digital leadership

  LRNT 525 continued reading within the course, offers information towards change within learning. While change comes in many forms, necessity tends to lead that charge. Recently, society has entered the age of Covid. Learning in the digital age has… Continue Reading →


External Scan (Individual) I was able to connect with two former colleagues, neither of which are in the realm of education. One colleague has a master’s degree in architecture, and much in sage advice was passed on with regards to… Continue Reading →

Activity 3 | Leadership Reflections | LRNT 525

Leadership reflection | Activity 3   Leadership as needed through a global pandemic has become paramount to allow business and educational institutions to survive during a global pandemic. Moschella noted “Strong leadership and governance systems hold themselves accountable for equitable… Continue Reading →

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