A Community of Inquiry Infographic

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Community of Inquiry Teaching Infographic

Rationale for Design

The Community of Inquiry model is a framework that allows educators to align their online courses/learning environments with research that shows positive outcomes in learning satisfaction and overall learning (Garrison & Arbaugh, 2007).

In my own teaching context, I coach and mentor other teachers in the public K-12 education system. Since I am working with colleagues who are often knowledgeable and keenly aware of curriculum and pedagogy, the infographic I designed fosters their faciliatory skills in online environments using COI as their framework.

Teachers in the K-12 public system who are moving their learning environments from brick-and-mortar classrooms to elaborate digital spaces may not realize the impact of these three presences in how they engage their students. My end goal for this design was to have a concise and easy-to-use infographic with clickable links that enhance their understanding and usage of COI.

Breaking Down the Infographic

  • Introduce the context in which the COI will be relevant and show a graphic of the typical three-circle model, overlapping the educational experience as the common and important factor in the relationship.
  • Define each of the three presences: Social, Cognitive and Teaching.
  • A brief descriptor of the importance and relevance of COI to our practice
  • Give concrete examples of what each presence ‘looks like’ in practice
  • Create a section that links various learning modalities outside of the infographic
  • References

While this infographic is printable and in PDF form, its full functionality is meant for a digital platform.

Garrison, D. R., & Arbaugh, J. B. (2007). Researching the community of inquiry framework: Review, issues, and future directions. Internet and Higher Education, 10(3), 157–172. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.iheduc.2007.04.001

2 thoughts on “A Community of Inquiry Infographic”

  1. Hi Sandra! Love how clear the detail on the infographic is, especially how it’s not just detailing what CoI is, but provides actionable steps to both apply it to daily learning scenarios and learn more about CoI. I’m curious if there was anything you felt in hindsight that you would have liked to have included or wished you might have done differently? Why/why not? And how might the change(s) improve/change the infographic?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jean-Pierre! I think if I could’ve changed anything it would be the ability to really ‘unpack’ the presences. However, as this was an infographic (graphic being the operative word), I likely already have too many words here. If I were to use this infographic in practice, I would want to have a mini-lesson with it, to really ‘unpack’ all those details. 😬

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