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I was raised in an era where living off of the land and sea was a part of survival. At age 10 my digital map was documented from trips taken by foot, dogteam, snowmachine, and bush plane. 30 years later, the map in reference illustrates my travels from one location.

The digital world I live in today, requires a new navigation skill, at times more frustrating then referencing a river bend or a bluff at the edge of the ocean. It constantly changes and I find much of my personal activities in the digital world mix with professional obligations.

Starting from the Southeast, this area illustrates the various forms of communication for online activities. Northwest references the calm and mindless activities in my social digital world. The Northeast references activities of living, as a resident in the city I live in. The Southeast is my professional life, often requiring hours of personal time to keep it functioning. There is no longer a specified time of day designated for work hours. Work, with the availability of Digital access, has become 24-7.

Lastly, the center of it all is the cell phone, which has now become the main source of access to the digital world.

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  1. Hi Anabella, Thank you for sharing your experience and the solution you came up with. I hope you have gained back some precious hours in the day to put towards your human self, I am sure you need it. – Myrna

  2. Hi Myrna,
    I love the way you created your map and how you explained it. I have the same feeling you have about being on call 24/7. I can relate to you and the use of the cell phone. I had to uninstall my work email from my cell phone because I was working during personal hours including weekends. I also had to create some boundaries and also some rules around using the cell phone.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi Amber,
    Thank you for taking the time to send me the message. Creating boundaries is not easy, but necessary to maintain some sense of escape to be present for our families as well. We’re in the midst of widespread change and not too far off for Robots to take over, whether we like it or not. I’m hopeful this program offers opportunity to streamline the digital world in front of us to give us more time, as that is what we’re all in need of.

    I wish you the best in creating some form of boundaries too for your mind’s health and wellbeing.


  4. Hi Myrna,
    Your map is brilliant, and your use of 24-7 as the predominant focus is so true and relatable. Your comment that “There is no longer a specified time of day designated for work hours” is something I have experienced in my life as well, and one of my current challenges is creating boundaries when I will and when I will not engage with work-related activities. As use of digital technologies becomes more entrenched and widespread, it is essential that individuals and organizations are specific and mindful about drawing boundaries to maintain lifestyle health and balance.
    – Amber

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