LRNT 527: Reflection

Reflection – the journey this program has taken me and more specifically the course, has offered time to reflect within the course itself. It is not often that I paddle out in my kayak and look back to my past, it is not easy. What the course is offering as described in Open Learn, is having an “awareness of one’s own knowledge, assumptions, and past experiences.”

I am discovering the path my thoughts are taking me and the journey I am on offers the background and experiences that shape events that I have yet to even experience. My experiences and understanding are the foundation of the Problem of Practice I am focusing on to help build a better future for my three Inuvialuit daughters, to empower them and strengthen their minds while opening the minds of non-Inuvialuit to understand our history, from our voice.

From the models of reflection shared from Wilfrid Laurier University (n.d) it describes the third model of reflection, which I can relate to, “the compass”, looking inward, backward, outward, and forward. Inward brings out my feelings, backward looks at my past, outward looks at those around me including within this program, and forward is always about my daughters.

Technology is a very unique part of this journey and I continue to see the value that it plays in what I am trying to do, to reach an audience throughout the world that has access to the information from a small population in the Western Arctic Region of Canada, teaching from the first person who we are, where we come from and what our history has shaped us to become today, but most importantly to emphasize that we are still here today.

We are still here today, is a message to so many who attempted assimilation and control. It is a message for future generations to know the strength and the people before us that have given us the opportunity to be here today.

This is an emotional journey and through learning and technology I find value in what I am doing, making a difference and sharing my truth and worldview.


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  1. Hi Myrna, thank you for sharing what you’ve recently learned about reflection and the processes you are considering as part of your journey. I love that your forward compass point is your daughters, that really resonates with me as my sons are my beacon of hope and the focus of my significant attention and energy (even though they are in adulthood now). I want to keep contributing to the safety and well-being of the planet and communities within it so that they have a future. I also appreciate your idea that technology is a means to an end – a way of sharing important teachings with as wide an audience as possible. In my experiences, the value of personal technology in our time is that it can be used to tell personal and community stories without the involvement of others with an interpretive agenda.

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