Through various readings and videos I’ve started to shape my ideas in what makes a good research question. A good research question should be:

  • Specific

Controlling the scope of your research is critical as it can easily get overwhelming trying to incorporate all the variables and details on a research subject. Restraining from expanding too far outside your subject area and maintaining focus will help create a clear hypothesis and conclusion.

  • Flexible, especially in the early stages

It is very likely the question you start with will shift as your begin to conduct more research. You may find there is an abundance of information that covers your idea already or in contrast that your particular question hasn’t been explored much. The more exposure to information will help steer and narrow your question to fit your research.

  • Relevant and Intriguing

Using “relevant or intriguing” I’m trying to describe the research questions addresses something that is cared about or could change future understanding in that research area. It shouldn’t be an “open-and-shut” case and needs a level of complexity to allow for discussion that may spawn further research.