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Ada Lovelace

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———————————————————————————————– Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, (1815-1852) has been credited as the first female computer programmer. She was the daughter of poet Lord Byron, and she often described her approach to mathematics as ‘poetic science’ (Füegi & Francis, 2015)…. Continue Reading →

Veletsianos Audio Responses

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I choose to listen to the following responses: Team 1: Darren, Jess, Giulia, Rebecca – “How do we affect change at a policy level?” It is vital that we foster relationships with people that have the authority to make the… Continue Reading →

What makes a good research question?

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According to Schipke (2022), a good research question should be open-ended. A question that only requires a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer should, of course, be avoided. The question should be of interest to the reader, but I think it should… Continue Reading →

A minor reflection…

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After reading Veletsianos’ (2015) Digital learning environments, I reflected on how he sees the digital learning environment. It is not often very well defined and it could include any kind of educational software, digital learning tool, an online study program,… Continue Reading →

Resident Visitor Typology Map – A Progression and Alternate View

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Figure 1. Map of my Resident – Visitor Typology Figure 2. Map of MY Resident – Visitor Typology \ Microsoft Office I did a rough iteration first on a piece of paper to map out where I felt I utilized… Continue Reading →

Peralta Equity Conference

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I am looking forward to attending the Peralta Online Equity Conference which is a FREE, 3-day conference hosted by Peralta Community College District’s Online Equity Initiative! On the 27th and 28th of April, I will be attending a number of… Continue Reading →

Weller 2002-2011

One area that I found interesting is the idea of connectivism and the principles that surround it particularly the ideas that knowledge can be distributed in a network and that learning is messy. The nature of the Internet is characterized,… Continue Reading →

25 Years of Ed Tech – Weller

When reading 25 Years in Ed Tech by Martin Weller (2020), I found a number of things surprising and interesting. For one, when the Internet became more affordable in the early 1990s, and more people were going online, they seemed to be… Continue Reading →

DIDP Reflection

How Digital Learning Experiences Have Impacted the Dissemination of Misinformation or “Fake” News

Digital experiences have impacted the way in which we receive and send information (Veletsianos, 2015).  Misinformation (MI) and fake news (FN) that gets disseminated and shared has accelerated in frequency and scope. According to Rheingold (2012, as cited in Parthenis,… Continue Reading →

Reflection of Unit 3 Readings

First of all, I had very little idea that such a distinction, at least from many researchers’ perspectives, existed between groups/teams, networks, sets and communities. I expected that what drives them would be similar. That they have rules, are purposeful… Continue Reading →

Visual Network Mapping

I spent more time on this than I thought I would, but the endeavour led me down a couple of rabbit holes from which I am now emerging. After reading through a portion of Dave Cormier’s Making the community the… Continue Reading →

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