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I found the article very interesting as clearly it is a “call to arms” regarding more research being needed into the effects of screen time on a child. Some of my favorite memories as a child was watching cartoons on the weekends, copying moves from the WWF with my cousin, going to the movies with my mum and sister or quizzing each other based on movie knowledge with my brother.  I have a huge love of cinema from “screen time” as a child, but with that being said, I was never allowed a TV in my room, I didn’t have video games and car rides/road trips were filled with coloring books, songs and reading (probably in part because we didn’t have the technology then that we do now). Being a new parent, my partner and I have discussed the amount of screen time that our little one should have growing up, as we want to be sure we are doing the very best at an early age. With that being said, how can we possibly know what the best course of action is when there is such conflicting opinions out there regarding this topic?! I notice that each parent is different with how much screen time they allow their children to have, as their own personal beliefs and opinions differ greatly. It can be a very stressful and overwhelming thing to research, as the Mayo clinic states that too much screen time can be linked to obesity or even behavioral issues. My partner works as a counselor and screen time is restricted at their group home down to 2 hours a day for kids under 12, however video games and movies are separate (as no more than 1 hour of video games are played a day). I am torn right down the middle in regards to my own personal opinion on the topic as I strongly dislike seeing kids on tablets out in public, yet I love watching movies or playing video games at home. I think there is a time and place for screens, as I really don’t like people taking out their phones at the meal table or when someone is on their phone when speaking to me. I think one of the questions we need to look at is: What constitutes screen time? Me filling out my assignment is technically screen time, or texting my sister baking instructions. I continually read conflicting opinions on the topic, so I found it refreshing that the stance was plain and simple… more research is needed.


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