I have never itemized the tecnhologies I use, let alone file them into categories based on usage. I feel like I have a healthy mix of where I use my technologies. With that being said, I think that I mainly use technology for personal use. A large amount of my family and friends live far away and having software like Facebook and What’sapp allows me to stay connected without racking up a massive telephone bill (like in the “old days”).

I noticed an interesting shift with my technology usage; I opened my twitter account to follow the news (making it a visitor technology), but that transitioned to personal and now I am beginning to use it for work and school. I am actually going to make another technology map at the end of the year and the end of the program, just to see what else has changed and no doubt added.

As Dave White stated, I am clearly “working through elements of my identity or persona online” and I am curious to see where this journey leads.


White, D. S., & Le Cornu, A. (2011). Visitors and residents: A new typology for online engagementFirst Monday, 16(9).