I had a really difficult time with the software when it came to this assignment. Granted, I did buy new hardware (a Mac) before school and am finding it to be a larger challenge than expected. I couldn’t find any software to display exactly what I was looking for, so I decided to just go ahead and draw my visual network map out.

I used my LinkedIn account for my visual network map as I feel it offers an eclectic view of who, where and how I network. I have friends, family, colleagues, students and acquaintances on my LinkedIn from all different disciplines, in different parts of the world. I was surprised to see that I had 302 connections, as I feel I do not utilize LinkedIn as much as I should. I have colleagues who do not have other social media platforms and solely use LinkedIn to stay connected.

I used to work in the health care sector, so I saw the largest amount of connections in this field. I was fascinated to see that my second highest amount of connections came from the oil and gas industry… even though I have never worked in this sector. I always find it fascinating to see everything from a visual perspective, as I never would have guessed my visual network would look the way it does.