The Rabbit Hole Continues

Down the rabbit hole - Chicago Tribune

Each time we get to this stage in a course and are asked to reflect on our learnings, I think of my rabbit hole. This comic that I chose, so clearly defines how I feel. Each course teaches me something new, brings something different out of me and works to make me better. We aren’t at the end yet, but I can feel that sense of growth along the way.

This course has come at a tough time for me. COVID has hit me pretty hard and made work incredibly demanding. That being said, this course has surprised me. I didn’t think I would enjoy creating a DLR as much as I have. My background, before becoming an accountant, was Marketing. I was a Territory Sales Rep and Creative Director for a few years. Having started the Creative Design Department in Canada for my prior company, I was very used to being creative. This course sparked that creative side in me. In my Assignment #1, I pushed myself to learn and use a different technology within an old technology that I love. I used a software called Presenter Media, which is an animated form of powerpoint. I had a lot of fun creating that assignment.

Feedback has always been really important to me. I feel like I can’t grow and develop without it. However, it’s not just any feedback, but specific and focused feedback. I have really appreciated the feedback I have received in this course. It has reignited my excitement, as I feel like I can really push myself to do more, learn more, and ultimately, grow. “There is no failure. Only feedback.” (Allen, n.d.).

For Assignment 3, I completed my Design Note and a video outline. I am looking forward to creating my final submission of this assignment and finalizing my DLR. I am hoping to bring my project to fruition and present it to the University for use within our programs.

Looking forward to my continuing fall; excited to see what I can learn along the way.