Creating and Disseminating

Disseminating my research is never something I thought about. I figured I would do my ARP and that would be that.

My topic surrounds academic integrity and creating an honest environment for online examination. With COVID all courses have moved online, whether this was an intention or not. Through this movement, there has been more ways to cheat on exams than every before.

My topic brings me to the following big underlying question:

How would you ensure that it gets into their hands?

Website and professional development program are the two concepts I’m toying with. With everything going on, people need some flexibility. Flexibility on timelines and delivery methods. I do majority of my reading on a computer. with the lack of free time, I try to use every spare minute. Website and asynchronous professional development programs provide this sense of freedom.

One topic:

How can instructors create an honest online exam environment?

Sub questions:

Can a collaborative platform assist with creating this environment?

Does a test attestation have any impact?

I want to create a website that houses professional development to help instructors. The website itself is a learning tool. Not only can you access my research, but you can learn and develop the skills in order to create an honest online examination environment (at least this is the hope).

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