In a recent team assignment, our group chose to view videos as our shared learning experience. Being a visual learner myself, I’ve always enjoyed when my instructors have included video as a learning tool in my courses. As a child, I was excited whenever my teacher would bring the TV and VCR into our classroom. As an adult learner, I may not experience the same enthusiasm I had towards videos as a child, nevertheless I still feel that I benefit greatly from this modality. As a teacher, I often include short videos in my lessons as I believe my students’ learning experiences are enhanced with their use. Currently all of my learning and teaching takes place online, which has made me wonder what impact videos may have on my students’ learning in a digital environment. A study conducted by Hsin and Cigas (2013) concluded that after bringing videos into their online courses, that their learners’ grades improved, and furthermore, they felt a higher feeling of fulfillment from the course. Hsin and Cigas (2013) also go on to say that learners had less questions after viewing a video that included course content and more students went on to complete and pass the course. While I don’t know whether showing videos has improved my students grades, I do know that it is an enjoyable experience for them, that they pay close attention when a video is played, and that when I ask them follow-up comprehension questions after they have viewed a video, that they are always able to answer my questions correctly which means they are benefiting from the video content.




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