A Reflection On Assignment 2 (QOCI)

Reflecting on our group assignment with evaluating the Quality Online Course Initiative (QOCI) rubric. Initially, we had different perspectives on what we felt was necessary to create a group rubric that encompassed all the critical instructional design components of digital learning resources. After a short debate and reflection, we determined that although our perspectives originally were different, our goal was to create a beneficial rubric.

This assignment has given me a deeper insight into the criteria required to assess a course as a whole effectively.  I have previously struggled to create a rubric that encompassed all the  “rules” or standards required in a clinical setting. However, upon completing the required readings for this activity, I realized that ideally, a rubric should be a set of guidelines and not necessarily rules. Anstey & Watson (2018) have brought forward that not all criteria apply to every rubric as it is dependant on the context of the course.



Anstey, L. M., & Watson, G. P. L. (2018). Rubric for eLearning Tool Evaluation. https://teaching.uwo.ca/pdf/elearning/Rubric-for-eLearning-Tool-Evaluation.pdf

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