Leadership reflection | Activity 3


Leadership as needed through a global pandemic has become paramount to allow business and educational institutions to survive during a global pandemic. Moschella noted “Strong leadership and governance systems hold themselves accountable for equitable outcomes.”, indicating the leaders are being challenged to step forward with the end goal in focus (Moschella, p. 4).  Strengths and weaknesses of a leader in my opinion stem from the situation and level of seriousness.

Instructional leadership, assessment of literacy instruction and creating and using a plan to improve instruction and leadership are key to attain strong leadership (Orr, p. 230). The leader in this instance, sets the leadership approach towards a strong position to present the strongest base upon being prepared for the real-world situation.

Students receiving the benefit of strong leadership of educators’ connecting to the students through online instruction, will directly correlate student participation and in turn good marks. Leadership as seen as a taught or born, is a contentious debate. My thoughts on leadership have a leader with strong tendencies towards leadership with being placed into a situation to use the skills. In my opinion, anyone can manage, leading takes a special ability. A manager is a title that places the person in a position of authority only, this does not in turn convert to leadership. The position of manager may have a leader in place, which would be awesome. Not all managers have leadership skills, all leaders can promote and influence their staff or colleagues to perform the task on time and in a safe and secure environment. Leadership comes in many forms, as I note from all the readings for the course. Skills achieved from being placed into leadership roles carry over though a career, where the team could be students, colleagues and even family.



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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash