External Scan (Individual)

I was able to connect with two former colleagues, neither of which are in the realm of education. One colleague has a master’s degree in architecture, and much in sage advice was passed on with regards to change theory and organizational change. The other former colleague, electrical engineer. Each of the colleagues brought much in the same inference as architecture and engineering are close in profession. Working at a consulting firm, change management is controlled by a chain of documentation. The key to the documentation is first identifying a possible shortcoming that requires any amount of change. Heinz & Fleming (2020, p. 1303) noted that a connection between development and mentoring practices. Each professional has been taught through post secondary education, placing emphasis to the student to learn new craft skills and knowledge. Placing this newly found knowledge, with conversion from theory to practice allow the professional to grow. Corporate settings in my opinion differ from educational platforms. Corporate change comes with huge effort usually for little change. Do not get me wrong here, even these small moves are a necessity to bring forth a complete and professional product to the client. Documenting the changes allows the corporation to show the client the issue and the resolution without having to describe the process of the change. Diversity within change, comes in all shades. Policy within a corporation allows for leadership to disseminate through documentation to staff what is expected for the client. Development of leadership falls on the senior management team. It was identified through Nevarez et al. reference top leadership should be deemed with utmost of consideration (p. 31). Each colleague noted as well, superior leadership was captured from a leader that was inclusive of all team members along with addressing all concerns and questions in a timely fashion. Place the leader into a difficult situation by not completing the supporting the documentation within the project will certainly have the strong leader pursuing the required information well before the finished product heads to the client. Rapid change was noted within the age of Covid, while the business remained operational the staff was either reduced in number or worked from home. Productivity from home office workers be a direct correlation between excellent leadership and a positive work force. Once offices (and educational institutions) are fully staffed and students have returned, the need to home office (or schooling) will be at the ready should the need come again. Disaster preparation at corporate or educational institutions has kept the economy from a horrible collapse. Granted, our economy is not in great shape with Covid however the various institutions and businesses have done fantastic in such an unfamiliar environment.



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