Activity 2: Exploring Design Models

In consideration of the existing design models to guide the design of learning environments, which I eagerly look forward to, the following are my thoughts to questions asked:

Some things to consider, in my area of work, which includes education and cultural awareness are:

  • Who my audiences are? (Age, demographic, individual learners or groups)
  • Do I anticipate collaboration virtually, what model will allow audience involvement?
  • What knowledge and training are required to create learning environments?

When I make design decisions, I have a few things I consider as well as the role the design models and innovation play in this process described below:

  • Decisions are based on the time I have to create. If I have months, I will spend the time needed to create unique and original designs, with complex design models, like Adobe Captivate, which I find intimidating but powerful.
  • Other factors include if I need artistic themes where copywrite is not an issue or if I can borrow templates from design companies that sell templates to speed up the content I want to create.
  • Design models and innovation allow me to choose from one stream to the next and offer basic services to authentic learning environments, which is what I prefer; however time plays a big factor.

Design models I found useful when making design decisions include:

  • Learning new programs to bring my art side to life in learning environments. For this, I often like to create original backgrounds and templates of my own and upload to PowerPoint or YouTube to create original files. If I am crunched for time, I do like the option to use templates created by others available freely, for projects that don’t require original work.
  • Using Adobe Captivate on a minimal scale and this is one program I would like to spend more time on to maximize the potential it offers to create unique programs.

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  1. Hi Myrna,

    Thank you for highlighting the concept of time in this discussion about instructional design.

    I feel like it is a concept that we have not yet explored and I can indeed see huge impacts on my own work depending on the time we have available to make a new project or revise old ones.

    I don’t know about Adobe Captivate. Will have to check it out!

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