Reflection on Words by Dr. George Veletsianos’

The support of Dr. Veletsianos’ words to take a daunting concept and bring it forward in simplicity was what I needed to hear. I took away two very helpful thoughts that he provided.

The first is the metaphor of research and to think of it like pealing an onion. Opening each new layer is a visual that will stick with me when conducting research, layer by layer, peeling back information to get to the juicy details within.

Second is thinking of the literature review in another way, using relevancy to narrow down and decrease the overwhelming feeling of what I tend to think of when I see a list of articles pop up and the feeling of obligation that I must read it all, setting myself up for failure. Bringing forward the why and focusing on information that is relevant and hearing Dr. Veletsianos’ use the word, relevant is a huge sigh of relief.

Together, peeling through relevant research, like peeling an onion, already feels like a bit of pressure is released when I think about the Research I will be doing. Quyanainni, Thank you.

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