What makes a good research question and where to begin?



A good research question can be something that guides you and keeps you on track. A good question should be researchable, specific, relevant, focused, and viable. When starting out you should choose a broad topic. The next step is to read as much as you can about the topic. As you read you can start narrowing down the topic. When you have narrowed down the topic you should discover a research problem. When you have chosen your research problem you need transform it into a research question. Remember that it must not be too broad or too complex. It should also be worthwhile. 


To summarize, a good question should be:


  • focused
  • researchable
  • feasible
  • not too complex
  • specific 
  • relevant 




4 thoughts on “What makes a good research question and where to begin?

  1. Hi Sam!

    That is a good and concise breakdown of what goes in to a good research question. One thought I have surrounds your inclusion of the word complex. Do you think that a research question has to necessarily be complex? Does research itself need to be complex? By intentionally striving for complexity do you think the researcher will be “making work” for themselves?


    1. Thank you Paula,
      That is a great question. From the resources I have read some said, ” complex ” and others not. I really questioned about whether or not to include it. I am still not sure.

  2. Ben,
    Good job of descibing the process of developing a good research question and some of the important attributes. I tend to think of it as discovering a “gap” (vs. “problem”) in the research that you can then address in your own study.

    1. Hi Loni,
      Sam here ( Not Ben) . Thank you for reading my blog. Noted. I will try to think of it as more of a gap rather than a problem.

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