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The Great Media Debate in Current Events

Technology has drastically changed since 1994, with advances that had not yet been imagined at the time that Clark (1994) and Kozma (1994) wrote their respective papers. Weller (2020) outlines the numerous technological advances that have been introduced since, such… Continue Reading →

People in the field: Nichole Pinkard

When I first started in the Master of Arts in Learning and Technology (MALAT) program, one area of interest that struck me almost immediately was equity in digital learning. Early on, I came across a series developed by Stanford University… Continue Reading →

Personal Reflection: 25 Years of Ed Tech (2002-2011)

As I listened to episodes of “25 Years of Ed Tech” by Weller (2020), as well as the accompanying “Between the Chapters” episodes, that cover the years from 2002-2011, I found the most relevant lesson to be that from 2005… Continue Reading →

The Impacts of Digital Learning on Poverty and the Digital Divide: Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

This post was informed by research, readings, and follow-up discussions with my MALAT counterpart, Darren Wilson. We chose to explore the topic of “Poverty and the Digital Divide”, and how it has been impacted by digital learning. We decided to… Continue Reading →

Digital Identity & Digital Presence Plan

Through the technology mapping exercise, I realized that I am truly more of a visitor than a resident when it comes to technology, especially as it relates to social networks. I have profiles and browse on several social media sites,… Continue Reading →

My Technology Map

The personal technology mapping exercise provided a few insights into my use of technology that I had never before considered. If asked prior to this exercise about my technological footprint, I likely would have said it was medium-light for my… Continue Reading →

Reflection from Virtual Symposium 2022

Over the past week I have been immersing myself in as many of the live and recorded sessions of the MALAT 2022 Virtual Symposium as I was able to. There has been so much great information that I find myself… Continue Reading →

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