Activity 2: Disseminating Research

The prospect of disseminating research is always an exciting opportunity. After a long arduous journey creating a piece of work that one can be proud of, naturally you’d want to share it with the world.

For my potential research topic in looking at self-efficacy/satisfaction in adult students based on course design in online/blended courses, I think presentations at my own school board would be a good avenue to share my findings. I hope that some educators will see merit in what I come up with and it can inform practices and delivery methods. My school board is finally undergoing a paradigm shift in looking at global competencies and digital literacy and I think my research paper can hopefully be a small piece in that plan.

Subsequently, any conferences or academic journals that would seem like a good fit for my paper are welcome as well. Having presented at a few conferences and made some paper submissions, I’m well aware of the nuances and requirements of certain organizations and journals. There will definitely be more reading in the future to see where my research could potentially find a home.

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