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LRNT524 Assignment 1 Part A: Design Thinking Process

Healthy Habits In healthcare, patient behaviour is an important factor when it comes to overall patient health.  What the patient does in their everyday life significantly impacts the state of their health (DiMatteo, Giordani, Lepper, & Thomas, 2002).  Michael works with at-risk populations and Alastair coordinates facilitation with chronic conditions patients. Both patient populations are […]


LRNT 523: Unit 2 Assignment 2 – The Story of PLATO

If I were to tell you about a computer based learning system that had plasma-touch screens, discussion boards, instant messaging, multiplayer games, and online communities, you might imagine a system developed sometime in the 2000’s. I’m actually referring to the Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operation (PLATO) system which was originally developed in 1960 (Van […]

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Unit 3 Activity 7 | Team activity: Pinpoint the media debate in current events

As a group, we (Anita Fahrenbruch, Amanda Dunn, Jeff Clemens, Joyce Wimmer, and Alastair Linds) reviewed four current articles focused on the technology benefits in the classroom and opportunities they use to leverage those in education. Each article chosen offered new perspectives to dispute the concepts proposed by Clark (1994) that media has no impact […]


Unit 2 Activity 6: VR in First Hand Learning

Among the newer and exciting technologies being used for education today is virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). For the purpose of this report we are going to focus on VR. This technology allows learners to be immersed in a virtual environment where the unique experience theoretically promotes cognitive skill development (Merchant, Goetz, Cifuentes, […]


Assignment 1 – Relevant Resources: Janette Gale

Janette Gale is a graduate from the University of Sydney with a Master of Commerce, Psychology, Consumer Behaviour, Research Methods in Marketing. She is the founder and CEO of HealthChange® Australia and HealthChange® Associates. As a leading authority in a variety of fields Gale’s published works include such works as Health psychology meets coaching psychology […]


Taking a Stance: Unit 2 Activity 5

William Wallace (IMDb, n.d.): Aye, be constructivist and you may lose focus on teaching. Be behaviourist, and you’ll teach… at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin’ to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back […]


A Timeline of Patient Educational Technology

In this video I try my best to outline the technology used for patient education throughout our recent history. It is unfortunate that there is very little information about such a niche topic and what I could find mostly focused on milestones of patient education instead. Please take a look and in the future I […]


Reiser and Weller: How I Learned to Stop Repeating the same Mistakes and Love the Culture Shift

In his articles A History of Instructional Design and Technology Part 1 and 2, Robert Reiser covers some lessons learned from the history of instructional media (part 1) and instructional design (part 2). The most outspoken takeaway from this was the juxtaposition between the expectations of what the instructional media can achieve in education and […]


A Quick Jump into Educational Technology: A Historical Self-Study

When we first think of the term educational technology, we probably think about computers, tablets, virtual & augmented reality headsets, and other electronic technologies. The misconception here is that educational technology must be electronic when in actuality according to Richey, (2008)“Educational Technology is the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by […]

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The Juggling Act: Expectations to Share Findings verses Research

In continuations from the previous blog post in the LRNT 522 course of the MALAT program at Royal Roads University, Dr. George Veletsianos answered another of our questions regarding learning and technology research. Our third question for him involved the duality of research as both researcher and marketer. Especially in the MALAT program, from the […]

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