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Assignment 3: Toolkit for Leading the Implementation of Digital Technologies

As a team we developed a project planning tool for this assignment mainly in a program called Rise. I want to thank my teammates for being such an amazing group to work with. Please look on Theresa’s blog for to see what we had developed or click the link below. Apply A SystemsLens for Your […]


Assignment 2: External Scan

The relationship between leadership and change is a constant phenomenon. As change events occur, leadership must elicit change management strategies to successfully adapt its subordinates. I interviewed two colleagues about their leadership perspectives in change management around a common event called a reorganization. My department is provincial, so we have little opportunity to have in-person […]


It takes all kinds of fruits to make fruit-cup: Mixed success in change management

Anyone who works in the public sector understands the constant movement as politics, goals, policies and people change. This is the crux of system theory, as one part of a system changes, the rest of the system needs to be changed to accommodate (Biech, 2007). Every four years or sooner, we usually have a change […]


When the world changes, you change with the world: A reflection on change management theories, models, and a personal perspective

After reading through the required readings I can surmise that all change theories carry the same rudimentary process (Al-Haddad & Kotnour, 2015). Despite the varying ways each change method or theory conducts their perspective phase or step, they generally revolve around the same concepts satisfying a specific milestone in order to progress to the next. […]

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LRNT 252 Assignment 1: Personal Leadership

Introduction Leadership, like many concepts, is difficult to define. One common element is having followers, however even leading by example doesn’t necessarily require followers. Despite this, successful leadership is an imperative part in any culture, organization, business, project or community. I personally have only had one position of leadership, but the environment that I worked […]


Nonetheless: A review of Notes Toward a Definition of Values-Based Leadership by James O’Toole

While reading through the article Notes Toward a Definition of Values-Based Leadership by James O’Toole (2012) I had mostly agreed with him. Followers being motivated by their leaders, interpreting the needs of the followers, the importance of setting aside personal goals for the good of the followers, and the difficulty of defining leadership being like […]


You can Pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but can you pick the right tech?

So much of how we operate in our educational settings is built upon the technology we use. Depending on what the medium of the education learners may have a better or perhaps worse learning experience. In chapter three of Technology, E-learning and Distance Education, Bates (2005) discusses a framework that he “[…]believe[s] to be important […]

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Don’t Design Sprint your Ham Sandwich: Rapid Design Sprints & when to do them

There are many reasons to do a design sprint: you have a complex issue that needs solving; a particular project has stalled and is in analysis gridlock; or maybe you’re bored and can’t think of anything else to do. Whatever your reason, a design spring is a very quick way to develop ideas around a […]


Hard-boiled: A study in Improvement

While reading Dron (2014), I couldn’t help but notice the parallels between what I was reading and my current workplace and how we conduct our distance education (DE). In chapter nine of Online Distance Education: Towards a Research Agenda (2014) Dron dives into innovation; Information Communication Technologies (ICT); the different generations of technologies; pedagogies used […]


LRNT524 Assignment 1 Part A: Design Thinking Process

Healthy Habits In healthcare, patient behaviour is an important factor when it comes to overall patient health.  What the patient does in their everyday life significantly impacts the state of their health (DiMatteo, Giordani, Lepper, & Thomas, 2002).  Michael works with at-risk populations and Alastair coordinates facilitation with chronic conditions patients. Both patient populations are […]