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Epic Rap Battle of Educational Technology History

If anyone has seen Epic Rap Battles of History, you’ll know that YouTubers Nice Peter and EpidLloyd take people from history and have them rap battle each other. I had originally had Robert Reiser battling Martin Weller based around my unit 1 activity 3. However after reading Audrey Watters, I liked her position so much […]



SM/indfulness, a term coined by Dr. Jaigris Hodson. We had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Hodson in the 2018 MALAT Virtual Symposium in her presentation ‘Navigating a Dangerous Landscape’. Dr. Hodson is the Associate Professor and in the college of Interdisciplinary Studies. The term S/Mindfulness refers to the idea of using Social Media mindfully. […]



Less of a wish and more of an intention. This is a Daruma (達磨) a little doll in the Japanese tradition. It symbolizes good luck. Both eyes begin blank and when you make a wish you fill in one eye. When the wish comes true you can then fill in the other eye. My wish? […]

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First Day, First Post

As I write the first entry into my blog starting my MALAT program, I can’t help but feel self-conscious as this will represent the foundation for all posts moving forward. Like many, this is my first return to school in many years and although these courses will take place online, I can’t help but feel […]


Welcome to your site!

This is your WebSpace powered by WordPress site. It will be the home for your journey through the MALAT program, and you can customize it to meet your needs and reflect your style. Use these tutorials to learn more about customizing your WordPress site. Navigating the Dashboard Customizing the Appearance of your WebSpace Themes Creating […]

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