At first, creating an APP seemed overly ambitious as software would need to be learned and modified. I would also need to find new and inventive ways to entice the stakeholder to use the APP in a post-secondary setting. With any new technology, there is a period of time where in it’s infancy, corrections and modifications would need to be done and I would need the users and learners to be patient with this process. Using Adobe XD allows me to share the APP building process with stakeholders and the design team. This ensures useful and meaningful collaboration to make a better APP.

After playing with Adobe XD recording for hours, I realized I was not able to record directly into the software, as I do not have the background transitions. This is an early look at how the APP will look. I am looking for all types of feedback, from the design itself to features you would like to see included. Thank you for taking the time to view my prototype.

Assignment 3