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Experiential Learning with Simulations

Please use the link: https://malat-webspace.royalroads.ca/rru0104/experiential-learning-with-simulations/ to explore Team 5’s technology of Simulations in Healthcare. All questions and comments will be reviewed and answered within Eunice’s blog.

Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Augmented reality goes by many names and has many different faces. Most people use a form of augmented reality every day without realizing it, from Snapchat to Pokemon Go, AR is a thriving technology which offers a plethora of diverse… Continue Reading →

Final Reflection on Leadership

Through the journey of LRNT525, I have taken away a deeper, more meaningful understanding of what it truly means to be a leader. I found it interesting that through each assignment our thoughts and opinions as a cohort, mirrored each… Continue Reading →

Sharing our toolkit

Although, it is posted in Padlet, I am so proud of what my group achieved in regards to our toolkit. Please see the PDF and link attached of our toolkit which is meant to help assist an instructor teach online… Continue Reading →

Activity 2: Stripping Back Curriculum Development

Before I left for Maternity leave, my program at my place of work saw the beginning of some major overhauls and adjustments with the goal of a more structured, cohesive program. We began a program review, curriculum review and management/faculty… Continue Reading →

How Change is Addressed by Leaders in Digital Learning Environments

             To successfully implement any change within a digital learning environment, leaders need to come to the forefront to assist and help nurture these changes, big or small. Based on my readings and discussions with… Continue Reading →

Managing the Inevitable

How have the theories/models for change adapted to take into consideration our current technological, economic and societal contexts? People control the pendulum of technology usage and the continual advances that technology offers by supply and demand (Salazar, M. and Holbrook,… Continue Reading →

My View of Leadership in the Digital World

Strong communication skills are vital to be considered a good leader. The list from Acitivty 2 is filled with attributes which are remarkable, such as broad/fair minded, caring, competent and honest, but if a leader cannot communicate effectively, I feel… Continue Reading →

What’s with all the Hype?

The Hype Cycle tracks emerging technologies in order to stay ahead of the trends by providing a cross-industry perspective on the technologies (Gartner, 2016). When reading through Gartner’s Hype Cycle, it was very interesting to see that virtual reality was… Continue Reading →

Can we keep up with the continual change?

To Innovate is to introduce new, exciting ideas – so how could innovation ever be a negative? How do we constitute what is innovative? Why is innovation change but change is not innovation? After reviewing the required readings, I felt… Continue Reading →

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