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CollabZone App

CollabZone App By: Kerry, Sharon & Sue We felt a critical component was missing from online learning and we wanted to include an inclusive, safe environment where students can engage in intellectual risk taking. Breaking free of the fear of… Continue Reading →

The importance of instructional designers

Image retrieved from: https://www.instructionaldesign.org/ Online instructors have to write curriculum, upload curriculum, help navigate student inquiries and ensure the platform is user friendly. Because of the amount of work the instructor has to do, it is easy to forget (or… Continue Reading →

Supporting Open Education

Being an online learner has it’s fair share of challenges, so it is always refreshing reading frameworks on how online learning is in a continual state of growth/evolution. Bates (2019) discusses that there is a search for pedagogical and organizational… Continue Reading →

A conflict with screen time

Image retrieved from: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/anyone-else-not-like-looking-at-their-phone-when-out-of-the-house.2198256/page-2#post-27875621 I found the article very interesting as clearly it is a “call to arms” regarding more research being needed into the effects of screen time on a child. Some of my favorite memories as a child… Continue Reading →

The Role of the Military in the Development of Educational Technology

  Images retrieved from: https://stereotypebyinternet.wordpress.com/2010/03/10/media-in-the-world-war-ii/ Most people have had to watch some type of on-boarding video when they are a new hire, whether it be at a customer service job, a breakdown of dangerous chemicals, or an instructional how-to video…. Continue Reading →

Debating effects of Media and Technology on Learning

Co-authored by: Leigha Nevay, Tala Mami, Caroline Monsell, Kerry Sharples, and Owen Lloyd Image retrieved from: Retrieved from https://medium.com/@_mufarrohah/the-influences-of-technology-and-media-on-learning-process-de86ac9d7da6. Summary of the points of view in Clark and Kozma’s Papers Richard E. Clark and Robert B. Kozma are considered by many as the founding fathers… Continue Reading →

An annotated bibliography displaying the role of the military in the development of educational technology

Good Evening Classmates. Please find the link attached, which will bring you to my annotated bibliography for assignment 2: assignment2-annotationTemplate- KSharples (1) Happy reading and good luck for assignment 2 synthesis. Kerry

How to Write a Book in the Age of Abundance?

How to Write a Book in the Age of Abundance? Mark Regan & Kerry Sharples Writing a book may seem as simple as coming up with an idea and putting pen to paper. However, a quick internet search on the… Continue Reading →

Reflection of my theoretical and pedagogical stance

Being presented with the many theoretical frameworks contained in both articles was overwhelming and having to select just one theoretical position was easier said than done. Each theory seems to align with a specific objective, whether it be the creation… Continue Reading →

Reiser and Weller: What to take away

Both Reiser and Weller focus on technology usage, both then and now, with each validating the point of view of one another. Resier takes more of a media history approach, whereas Weller’s focus is more on higher education, with both… Continue Reading →

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