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Valuing Reflection

Reflecting on the points from OpenLearn on academic writing, the importance of a mapping tool is essential in the success of an academic paper/essay/project. I didn’t know what a problem of practice was before the class, but now I understand… Continue Reading →

Design Prototype

At first, creating an APP seemed overly ambitious as software would need to be learned and modified. I would also need to find new and inventive ways to entice the stakeholder to use the APP in a post-secondary setting. With… Continue Reading →

Mapping Tool to Diagram Learning Theory and Instructional Design

My design uses qualitative research to gain insight and understanding to establish a hypothesis for the quantitative research that I will be transforming into statistics. This means I will need to implore continual feedback and evaluations to ensure the design… Continue Reading →

Unit 1, Activity 3: Empathy Map and Manifesto

I thought that when I left high school, I also left seeing bullies and what they are capable of. As an adult in a professional environment, I see all kinds of bullying – from students, to faculty, to management; bullying… Continue Reading →

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