Get With The Program

Digital Facilitation is taking over, whether you like it or not! At least, this is what we discuss regularly during our unit and department meetings. For those that argue against change and can’t jump on board, you have no choice now. COVID sped up the process for online/remote learning and digital facilitation in a way that no one was expecting.

When I think of digital facilitation, I think, yes! Finally! Let’s get some cool technology into education. Let’s create to educate and engage our learners. My 3 current thoughts about digital facilitation are:

1) Accessible. Digital facilitation provides the accessibility for students and learners to take part anywhere. Whether you are providing or taking part in an asynchronous or synchronous class, you can do this from any location and in some cases, any time zone.
2) Fun. I love the idea of digital facilitation, I think of all the ways technology has allowed facilitation to be more engaging through so many different technological mediums. Whether you use Kahoot!, H5P, Canvas, Doodle, Google Docs, Moodle, etc., you can engage learners so that they are present during sessions.

3) Casual. Digital facilitation makes me think of instructors in professional shirts and sweat pants. Digital facilitation provides a more relaxed environment for learning. You can be at home, with all your snacks, coffees and using your own office/learning space setup.

Like many others digital facilitation makes me a bit nervous as well. The two main questions that come to mind are:

1) What’s next?  Where is technology going and what new technology am I going to have to learn tomorrow? The changes are happening constantly and it is hard to stay on top of it all.

2) I don’t think that this is specifically related only to digital facilitation, but what can I do to make sure  my learners are engaged and understanding the learning objectives? Evaluations can only take you so far. Whether you have anonymous survey’s, open dialogue forums, or exams, the data can only provide so much accuracy.

Technology is like a river, there are calm parts and rapids, we as instructors need to guide are learners down the river as safely as we can.

I’m looking forward to jumping into the raft and seeing what we turn up with this course.

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