My Digital Presence

Who am I online?

I was reading “Guest Post | Who Are You Online? Considering Issues of Web Identity” (Schryver, 2013) and I felt like this article hit me right in the gut…. Hard…. When it comes to my social media, I am private, but I share what I feel like is appropriate.

What is appropriate?

Definition of appropriate

especially suitable or compatible FITTING

(Merriam Webster)

I post what is happy. Not what is real. Not how I’m feeling, how I’m doing or the struggles of the day. I post what I feel is suitable for public content, not necessarily the whole truth.

My goal through this course and defining my digital presence, is to allow myself to be myself. To let my feelings come out in my writing.

I had my 1 on 1 with Elizabeth this week and I explained to her my idea for my digital presence. Will it change? Grow? Adapt to each course and learning I am undertaking? Absolutely! Or I at least, I hope so!

So here I am, “The Momfessional”.

This is me. I am a mom, I am a professionally designated accountant, and I want to confess. I want to be able to bring in my two worlds, let them collide and raise chaos. Then, I want to be honest about it. I want to confess what happened, how I struggled and persevered. My LinkedIn account will remain very professional. Through Twitter and my Blog, I hope to bring more of me and this identity I have cultivated for myself.

I am someone who craves control, works hard to make sure everything falls into place and lines up. Then I had my son…. Nothing went to plan, I had to let go. I like letting go.

Gardner Campbell said, “In building that personal cyberinfrastructure, students not only would acquire crucial technical skills for their digital lives but also would engage in work that provides richly teachable moments ranging from multimodal writing to information science, knowledge management, bibliographic instruction, and social networking” (Campbell, 2009). Let’s open up that learning portal and figure this out as well go. Let’s all let go together and see how paths deviate and twist and turn.

Working through the Unit readings has already helped me immensely in figuring out who I have been online. Who I was, maybe still who I am to some degree. Through the readings and learning that I will be undertaking, I can change, develop, and grow. By completing each reading and each course, I feel like I will gain knowledge and awareness of my areas of weakness and strengths, I can make this happen. Make it happen the way I want it to.

How do I measure such a personal challenge? This is something I haven’t figured out and I am ok with that. Maybe I will just know, my gut will know, and I will feel it! Maybe I can learn some tools to do this. We shall see.

I’m excited, are you?


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