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The Community of Inquiry Infographic

  Click here to view The Community of Inquiry Infographic   Establishing a Community of Inquiry (CoI) helps employ a framework to understand a community’s concept in online learning environments. CoI is a framework that describes learning within a group… Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Digital Facilitation

  3-2-1 Blog Post – Digital Facilitation · Thoughts or ideas you have about digital facilitation. To me: Digital Facilitation can be very tricky. As a facilitator, you would think that additional explanations with plenty of details are necessary to… Continue Reading →

Designing a Digital Learning Resource – Continuation

  In my previous post, I introduced a Problem of Practice (PoP) and included a mini-manifesto and empathy methods that I will be using when designing a Digital Learning Resource (DLR). This post is a continuation where I will be… Continue Reading →

Designing a Digital Learning Resource – Mini-Manifesto & Empathy Methods

Measuring effectiveness: In K-12 schools, how do leaders ensure teachers’ instructional practices are supporting diversity in the classroom? A private school in Jordan has generously approved going through a digital learning design journey. The school leadership team realizes the importance… Continue Reading →

Experiential Learning with Simulations

Please use the link: https://malat-webspace.royalroads.ca/rru0104/experiential-learning-with-simulations/ to explore Team 5’s technology of Simulations in Healthcare. All questions and comments will be reviewed and answered within Eunice’s blog

Reflection of my Critical Inquiry – Week 2

Here is a reflection of my critical inquiry Simulations from A Human Lens – Utilizing UDL in Simulation-Based Learning – Week 2. The ability of simulations to affect sociotechnical systems in organizations makes simulations a widely used educational technology regardless… Continue Reading →

Activity 2: Team Blog – Simulation Based Education

    As part of LRNT526, Inquiry into Contemporary Issues in Learning Technology, our team participated in a learning event using a technology of our choosing. Our team chose to examine Simulation-based learning. Here is the link to the blog post for Team… Continue Reading →

Simulations from A Human Lens – Utilizing UDL in Simulation-Based Learning

    As part of LRNT526, Inquiry into Contemporary Issues in Learning Technology, our team decided to investigate the application of simulations as educational technology in educational contexts. After participating in a Virtual Healthcare experience  (De.ryerson, n.d.) and attending five different modules; Mental Health,… Continue Reading →

Final Leadership Reflection

  My perspective on how leaders approach leadership within my own context has remained the same. I still believe a combination of reflective and adaptive leadership would be the best option for my own context and especially for the current… Continue Reading →

Learning Innovation Toolkit (LIT)

  Learning technologies are ever-changing.  Organizations must continually invest labour and finances to take advantage of technologies’ affordances to meet the needs of their students or clients.  Unfortunately, many projects created to implement these changes do not succeed. Deliverables are… Continue Reading →

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