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CoI Framework – Lens for my Research

My research topic examines the implications of the growth of blended learning on teaching practices in higher education in Canada. Specifically, I am focusing on the community of faculty and their educational development regarding their educational technology use and their… Continue Reading →

My Research Journey Finally Began!

  When LRNT 622 course commenced, we started by participating in a Padlet activity describing our research topic(s) and explaining our interest. As someone unemployed, having an organization to tie my research is not a privilege I have currently. However, I encouraged myself to… Continue Reading →

3-2-1 Blog Post (Reflection)

   LRNT 528 Course (Facilitating in Digital Learning Environments) has added a great deal of knowledge and skills to me about digital facilitation. Working with a group of facilitators has been a new astonishing experience for me. Three things I… Continue Reading →

The Community of Inquiry Infographic

  Click here to view The Community of Inquiry Infographic   Establishing a Community of Inquiry (CoI) helps employ a framework to understand a community’s concept in online learning environments. CoI is a framework that describes learning within a group… Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Digital Facilitation

  3-2-1 Blog Post – Digital Facilitation · Thoughts or ideas you have about digital facilitation. To me: Digital Facilitation can be very tricky. As a facilitator, you would think that additional explanations with plenty of details are necessary to… Continue Reading →

Designing a Digital Learning Resource – Continuation

  In my previous post, I introduced a Problem of Practice (PoP) and included a mini-manifesto and empathy methods that I will be using when designing a Digital Learning Resource (DLR). This post is a continuation where I will be… Continue Reading →

Designing a Digital Learning Resource – Mini-Manifesto & Empathy Methods

Measuring effectiveness: In K-12 schools, how do leaders ensure teachers’ instructional practices are supporting diversity in the classroom? A private school in Jordan has generously approved going through a digital learning design journey. The school leadership team realizes the importance… Continue Reading →

Experiential Learning with Simulations

Please use the link: https://malat-webspace.royalroads.ca/rru0104/experiential-learning-with-simulations/ to explore Team 5’s technology of Simulations in Healthcare. All questions and comments will be reviewed and answered within Eunice’s blog

Reflection of my Critical Inquiry – Week 2

Here is a reflection of my critical inquiry Simulations from A Human Lens – Utilizing UDL in Simulation-Based Learning – Week 2. The ability of simulations to affect sociotechnical systems in organizations makes simulations a widely used educational technology regardless… Continue Reading →

Activity 2: Team Blog – Simulation Based Education

    As part of LRNT526, Inquiry into Contemporary Issues in Learning Technology, our team participated in a learning event using a technology of our choosing. Our team chose to examine Simulation-based learning. Here is the link to the blog post for Team… Continue Reading →

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