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Final Leadership Reflection

  My perspective on how leaders approach leadership within my own context has remained the same. I still believe a combination of reflective and adaptive leadership would be the best option for my own context and especially for the current… Continue Reading →

Learning Innovation Toolkit (LIT)

  Learning technologies are ever-changing.  Organizations must continually invest labour and finances to take advantage of technologies’ affordances to meet the needs of their students or clients.  Unfortunately, many projects created to implement these changes do not succeed. Deliverables are… Continue Reading →

Leading Change – Implementing LMS

Introduction Implementing a new Learning Management System (LMS) in the international hospitality group I worked for involved two change implementation scopes; Corporate level and hotel level. Although the two scopes have interrelated objectives. However, each scope has a different plan,… Continue Reading →

Leading Change in Digital Learning Environment – DAPIE Model

Executive Summary Introducing change in Digital Learning Environments (DLEs) depends highly on the capabilities of Leaders. In order to capture the experience of leaders in the hospitality industry, I interviewed two former colleagues who worked with me in InterContinental Hotel… Continue Reading →

Change Management – Theories & Readiness Level

The history of change management entails that change is not easy, and applying it in a corporation setting needs robust leadership approaches. Al-Haddad and Kotnour (2015) provide a research synthesis for the history of change management; they point out that… Continue Reading →

Reflection on Leadership

Leadership is a vital component in the culture of the hotel industry. I have been working in the hotel industry for 10 years, all the international companies I worked with valued leadership. In the learning and development department, the set… Continue Reading →

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