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Instructional Designers Are Unnecessary – Debate by Tala Mami & Sherry Ruth

  Photo by Wesley Tingey Video Description: ‘Be it resolved that Instructional Designers are unnecessary’. We will debate the Pro and Con side of this argument providing evidence (reference list) at the end of the video and, for easy access,… Continue Reading →

Myths and Hype – Technology and Children Health & Well being

Etchells, P. et al. (2017) raises a concern that the policy that governs screen time for children in the UK needs to be grounded in evidence-based research. A letter signed by a group of writers, psychologists and charity heads raised… Continue Reading →

The Use of Educational Technology in Dance Education – Synthesis

  Dance education is one of the fine arts taught at many schools today, and it has a way of creating a great learning environment for students and educators through movement, and the interpretation of movement. Technology has transformed the… Continue Reading →

Debating effects of Media and Technology on Learning

Collaborative Considerations of the Great Media Debate. Co-authored by: Leigha Nevay, Tala Mami, Caroline Monsell, Kerry Sharples, and Owen Lloyd Summary of the Points of View in Clark and Kozma’s Papers Richard E. Clark and Robert B. Kozma are considered… Continue Reading →

The Use of Educational Technology in Dance Education – Annotated Spreadsheet

  Educational Technology has been used in dance education for many years. I have searched for scholarly articles that address this topic to understand the use of technology (implications and applications) in this interesting field throughout the years. For me,… Continue Reading →

Smart Homes and the Implications of Abundant Content: A Collaborative Exploration of Home Automation – By Lisa Gedak & Tala Mami

Imagine in the future: “Your wrist phone chimes with a message from your spouse.  Her business trip to review the Sahara forest project will finish early and she ought to make the noon hypersonic shuttle and be home by teatime…. Continue Reading →

Previous Experience Reflection – Application of Learning Theories in Instructional Design

This week, I have read the papers of Ertmer & Newby (2013) and Merrill (2002) to understand learning theories and their application in instructional design. Ertmer & Newby (2013) focused on instructional strategies and techniques applied in Behaviorism, Cognitivism, and… Continue Reading →

Introducing Dr. Maha Bali

In my Master of Arts in Learning and Technology (MALAT) journey, I have learned about legends whose work marks essential milestones in the educational technology field. Choosing only one legend to talk about the work that has been done in… Continue Reading →

Lessons From The History Of Educational Technology

As I continued to explore the history of Educational Technology (edtech) through reading the papers of Weller, (2018), and Reiser, (2001), I looked at edtech from a corporate perspective since all my experience is in the corporate world and not… Continue Reading →

Educational Technology; History and Instructional Design Perspective

I started my journey of exploring educational technology (Ed Tech) by looking at its history and definition. I associated Ed Tech with computers and the internet, but I was wrong. I learned that the history of Ed Tech goes far… Continue Reading →

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