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Casual Post: Canada Research Chair Training Module on Unconscious Bias.

    While I was learning about ethics in Research as part of the LRNT 522 Unit 3 PowerPoint Introduction to Research: Critical Reading and Writing (Zornes, n.d.). I have completed the Canada Research Chair Training Module on Unconscious Bias…. Continue Reading →

My Visual Network of Connections

  Information sharing activities in communities has four categories as stated by (Dron & Anderson, 2014), Strategic sharing, paradigmatic sharing, directive sharing and social sharing. Reflecting on my social network, I have discovered that I need to be strategically sharing… Continue Reading →

My Digital Presence Plan

How do I cultivate my digital presence? Since we are living in participatory culture (Jenkins, 2009), information absorption is definitely not enough. We not only have to be contributors to the online space but, we have to do it constructively!… Continue Reading →

My Digital Map

This self-reflective activity on my digital presence was an interesting experience for me, because it gave me the chance to review the effectiveness of my digital use, and how my use of technology impacts my digital identity.I believe the resident-visitor… Continue Reading →

Reflection of RRU Virtual Symposium by A Student At Career Path Cross Road!

Virtual Symposium Critical Reflective Academic Blog Post – Unit 1 | Activity 3 The Virtual Symposium, organized for students in the Master of Arts in Learning and Technology program, was a great experience which introduced me to the world of… Continue Reading →

Testing new posts

I am testing some features in creating posts 🙂 So I have decided to share some photos and a short video with you for testing purposes 🙂 Who am I? A Circassian girl  from the Caucuses mountains who was born and raised… Continue Reading →

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