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Leading Change in Digital Learning Environment – DAPIE Model

Executive Summary Introducing change in Digital Learning Environments (DLEs) depends highly on the capabilities of Leaders. In order to capture the experience of leaders in the hospitality industry, I interviewed two former colleagues who worked with me in InterContinental Hotel… Continue Reading →

Change Management – Theories & Readiness Level

The history of change management entails that change is not easy, and applying it in a corporation setting needs robust leadership approaches. Al-Haddad and Kotnour (2015) provide a research synthesis for the history of change management; they point out that… Continue Reading →

Reflection on Leadership

Leadership is a vital component in the culture of the hotel industry. I have been working in the hotel industry for 10 years, all the international companies I worked with valued leadership. In the learning and development department, the set… Continue Reading →

Empathic /Co-Design and Inexperienced End-Users

  In empathic design and co-design, stakeholders play a crucial role in the design process. Mattelmäki, Vaajakallio, & Koskinen (2014) asserted that at first, cultural probes inspired empathic design. Through an interpretive exercise, empathic designers immerse themselves in understanding the… Continue Reading →

Blogging and Gartner’s Hype Cycle

Gartner’s hype cycle (2016) provides a view of how a technology or application will evolve to help organizations “Separate hype from the real drivers of a technology’s commercial promise, reduce the risk of your technology investment decisions, Compare your understanding… Continue Reading →

Innovation & Business Strategy

Innovation & Business Strategy In 524 – Innovation, Design and Learning Environments, we shed the light on innovation. As I think of the question: “What is innovation?”, one of the definitions, shared by our instructor in a collaborate session for our… Continue Reading →

A Gamified Ideation App

A Gamified Ideation App –  Co-authored by Tala Mami and Earl Einarson Earl and Tala have created a proposal to develop a mobile-based web application that encourages students to create ideas and submit them to a shared group freely. As… Continue Reading →

Instruction and Instructional Design – Building on Existing Knowledge

Instruction and Instructional Design – Building on Existing Knowledge   In our current course, LRNT524 – Innovation, Design and Learning Environments, we are prompted to examine Innovation, Design and Learning Environments by having a closer look at the core aspects… Continue Reading →

Instructional Designers Are Unnecessary – Debate by Tala Mami & Sherry Ruth

  Photo by Wesley Tingey Video Description: ‘Be it resolved that Instructional Designers are unnecessary’. We will debate the Pro and Con side of this argument providing evidence (reference list) at the end of the video and, for easy access,… Continue Reading →

Myths and Hype – Technology and Children Health & Well being

Etchells, P. et al. (2017) raises a concern that the policy that governs screen time for children in the UK needs to be grounded in evidence-based research. A letter signed by a group of writers, psychologists and charity heads raised… Continue Reading →

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