Critical Analysis of H5P Branching Scenario Simulations

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In our course for LRNT526, our group (Shelley Dougan, Wendy Grymaloski, Sandra Norum and I) has critically analyzed H5P Branching Scenario Simulations. We chose to examine one such branching scenario for our learning event called Skills Practice: A home visit.

We have critically analyzed our learning event and the applicability of H5P Branching Scenario Simulations in our 4 very unique teaching contexts:

  • Shelley – Higher Education in X-Ray Technology
  • Wendy – Grade 9 Science
  • Sandra – Curricularist with at-risk youth
  • Patrick – Higher Education in Computing

We examined the applicability of this technology in terms of the 4 aspects:

  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Equity
  • Engagement

For a brief overview of our findings you can view our infographic.

We have also created our own interactive branching scenario to explain our perspectives of H5P Branching Scenarios.

I hope you enjoy exploring all the branches to learn our unique views on H5P Branching Scenario Simulations from the aspects of Efficency, Effectiveness, Equity, and Engagement.

Featured Image: “H5P Branching Scenario”┬áby H5P

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