Final Reflections – On Leadership and Change

In reflecting on my initial post on leadership, like many of my MALAT peers, I find that my views have not changed. My thoughts on leadership may have solidified throughout the process of examining leaders, leadership styles, and implementing change in organizations.

Thinking back to my initial ranking of leadership qualities that I value (where I had ranked my top 3 as competent, cooperative, courageous), I see the list no longer as the finite ranking of qualities from most to least valuable and instead as a juggling act. I believe that all of the qualities are valuable and important to leading organizational change, but each has its place. For example, in a change that impacts jobs, a leader must be courageous AND caring. When implementing a software or technology change, a leader must be forward-looking yet ambitious. Learnings from this course have solidified to me that effective leaders must abandon any ‘storm-trooper leadership” (Insell, 2022) techniques and move toward adaptive situational leadership (Khan, 2017).

Khan, N. (2017). Adaptive or Transactional Leadership in Current Higher Education: A Brief ComparisonThe International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning18(3).

2 thoughts on “Final Reflections – On Leadership and Change”

  1. Hi Paula, I appreciate your notion that the ranking of the leadership attributes is not finite but rather a juggling act. I think that the importance of the attributes depends on the situation, and leaders need to observe, evaluate, and decide on which attribute they need to draw on in a case by case basis. In Michelle’s announcement, she highlighted attributes like empathy and listening as key elements of leadership (Harrison, 2022). This led me to think about how leaders might need to demonstrate an attribute not based on the practical issue at hand, but rather the needs of the team members. In a sense, we may consider juggling attributes to promote less of “how do I fix this as a leader” and more of “what does my team need from me in order to resolve the issue?”

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