What Makes a Good Research Question?

I came in to LRNT522 knowing little about “research” apart from the broad understanding that it involves studying things and people. Exposure to the readings, the methodologies, and the varying types of research has deepened my thoughts on research, and heightened my awareness of the complexities that go in to “good” research. Continue reading “What Makes a Good Research Question?”

Random thoughts, to post or not to post?

LRNT521 is coming to a close at the end of this week, and this past 8 weeks has flown by. I have learned A LOT. I’ve learned about how digital communities are formed, how to define and recognize social forms, and about some of the challenges involved with digital learning environments. I’ve also learned a lot about myself, my online habits, and have been able to interact within groups, nets and sets with a heightened level of awareness. Continue reading “Random thoughts, to post or not to post?”

Taking Stock, Looking Back, and Stepping Forward.

What does my future digital identity look like? Well, I’ve learned I’m not sure I know…. 

I reflected on the DIDP plan I developed in April , and my learnings, specifically as they relate to my struggles with openness really surprised me.

Check out my (very unplanned and informal) audio recording


Digital Learning – Impacts on Students with Disabilities

Findings from Paula, Karen, and Luis. 

In researching the impacts that digital learning has had on students with disabilities, a key finding was that digital learning environments allow for information to be delivered in multiple formats, ensuring accessibility for students with disabilities. Continue reading “Digital Learning – Impacts on Students with Disabilities”

Unit 3 – Reflections and Musings

Do I have a responsibility to give as much as I take online?

This is a question I have been asking myself since listening to the Participatory open Panel discussion with Dave Cormier, Lawrie Phipps, and Bonnie Stewart. In discussions with a cohort member this week, we shared our feelings of contribution inadequacy, and the looming fear of having ‘nothing to offer’ to the web. Continue reading “Unit 3 – Reflections and Musings”

Unit 2 Reflections and a statement on Dave Cormier’s Alternate Tension Pair.

Which of my Digital Practices are truly Digital?

Unit two readings and activities have forced me to truly look at how I engage WITH the internet, AND, how I engage ON the internet. I am very quickly realizing that these are two different behaviors. My completed mapping activity showed a different picture of my digital engagement than I had anticipated when I started. Continue reading “Unit 2 Reflections and a statement on Dave Cormier’s Alternate Tension Pair.”

Visually Mapping my Networks

When I started mapping my visual network, I thought the result would be a linear, pod like cluster of communication networks. However, once I started making the connections, I realized that my networks intersect often, among the various ‘circles’ in my life.

You can view this image in full here. Continue reading “Visually Mapping my Networks”

Defining my Digital Identity and Digital Presence

My generation was the last to grow up without the internet. It was also the first to have the internet and all its connectedness thrust upon us in our teenage years. In true millennial fashion I embraced the internet, and the opportunity to develop my internet presence, as soon I got a personal desktop computer. I became a resident of networks such as MySpace, CalgaryPlanet (I’m surely giving away my age here!), and of course Facebook. Continue reading “Defining my Digital Identity and Digital Presence”

Resident VS Visitor Mapping – Defining my Digital Presence

It was an enlightening experience to research my digital identity. Determining the difference between resident and visitor forced me to differentiate between where my presence merely exists, vs where I am truly visible to those outside of my small network. Continue reading “Resident VS Visitor Mapping – Defining my Digital Presence”

Symposium Highlights and Reflections.

Attending the 2021 MALAT symposium was an enlightening experience for me. The variety of presentations was impressive, and the dedication and commitment to each individual research project, consultation project, or professional area of research was clear from every presenter I had the opportunity to hear or read. Continue reading “Symposium Highlights and Reflections.”