Digital Learning – Impacts on Students with Disabilities

Findings from Paula, Karen, and Luis. 

In researching the impacts that digital learning has had on students with disabilities, a key finding was that digital learning environments allow for information to be delivered in multiple formats, ensuring accessibility for students with disabilities. Continue reading “Digital Learning – Impacts on Students with Disabilities”

Unit 3 – Reflections and Musings

Do I have a responsibility to give as much as I take online?

This is a question I have been asking myself since listening to the Participatory open Panel discussion with Dave Cormier, Lawrie Phipps, and Bonnie Stewart. In discussions with a cohort member this week, we shared our feelings of contribution inadequacy, and the looming fear of having ‘nothing to offer’ to the web. Continue reading “Unit 3 – Reflections and Musings”

Unit 2 Reflections and a statement on Dave Cormier’s Alternate Tension Pair.

Which of my Digital Practices are truly Digital?

Unit two readings and activities have forced me to truly look at how I engage WITH the internet, AND, how I engage ON the internet. I am very quickly realizing that these are two different behaviors. My completed mapping activity showed a different picture of my digital engagement than I had anticipated when I started. Continue reading “Unit 2 Reflections and a statement on Dave Cormier’s Alternate Tension Pair.”

Visually Mapping my Networks

When I started mapping my visual network, I thought the result would be a linear, pod like cluster of communication networks. However, once I started making the connections, I realized that my networks intersect often, among the various ‘circles’ in my life.

You can view this image in full here. Continue reading “Visually Mapping my Networks”