If anyone has seen Epic Rap Battles of History, you’ll know that YouTubers Nice Peter and EpidLloyd take people from history and have them rap battle each other. I had originally had Robert Reiser battling Martin Weller based around my unit 1 activity 3. However after reading Audrey Watters, I liked her position so much so I changed out Martin for Audrey. Please enjoy…

Epic Rap Battles of History!

Robert Reiser versus Audrey Watters



Let me begin by narrowing my focus;

This history is only on the US.

Teachers, chalkboards and books will go unnoticed;

Prepare your minds for my magnum opus!

Let me throw down the best take away;

New tech would come around and Edison would say:

“Motion pictures are future and books will be cliché;

Every branch of human knowledge will be taught in this way!”

As it turned out that Edison was wrong;

Not just TV but lots of tech that came along.

Radio, PC’s and televisions started strong;

However, in due time each one had hit the gong.

The true innovations came from instructional designs;

Like criterion-reference using behaviour baselines.

Without these instructional media just won’t ever shine;

We will see how the programs will make it online.

Let me bestow on you some righteous facts;

Don’t get overzealous with new artifacts.

Now, history has shown us that tech sometimes lacks;

You need effective planning for tech to make impacts.


Given what you’re saying I really can relate;

At my office the leads think the newest tech is great.

But, there’s seldom any strategy, no way to integrate;

Meanwhile time wasted make everyone irate.

Tech fads come, and tech fads go;

And from what I’ve faced this much I know;

The latest and greatest tech is fun but for show

But in the end the content is what people want to know.


Woah there wait a minute before you side with him;

I’ve got my research so lend your ear and listen in!

Now, what I’m about to tell you may come off a little grim;

But to ignore the hidden history of ed-tech is a sin!

Looking at the failures of ed-tech, you got it right;

But you need to see why they failed to get some foresight.

Making tech’s the easy part but here’s the real plight;

Trying to change the culture is way harder to incite.

It all comes down to new tech verses tradition;

And the people with the money all have a mission;

To keep status quo making money off tuitions;

Charge as much as possible and retire on commission!

If we just had invested in more than just the loot;

We’d have innovations like Kay’s Dynabook.

Yes, the planning’s good and certainly worth a look;

But, we need to change the culture for tech really to take root.

Listen, Seymour Papert, I mention him a lot;

Wrote a book, Mindstorms, I advise you give a shot.

In it he talks ideas where children can be taught;

Science, math and a sense of dominion could be wrought.

In summary I’d say that we’ve failed to explore;

The possibilities of ed-tech deep down at its core.

The failure to imagine to spread our wings and soar;

We won’t move forth ‘till we’ve seen where we’ve been before.


You know Audrey, I really must agree;

The wasted potential in the last century.

Were we to quick to halt technology?

And see the true wonder that we can now achieve.

In my rapid paced office tech can quickly be ditched;

Sometimes as fast as an idea can be pitched.

Perhaps the time we spend one day will be switched;

To find the best tech to suit every niche.

So here I am again between two ideas I’m torn;

Two varying perspectives but which to leave forsworn?

Both valid assessments and arguments I am borne;

I think I’ll chose both before I get too forlorn.

Reiser had stated that tech is not enough;

Without instructional design tech ends up as a duff.

Then Watters came and said that tech has it rough;

Because it’s the culture that goes and makes it tough.

Instructional design and tech should be combined;

As instructional design and technology as defined.

But we need to change the culture for the good of mankind;

With computer-aided inspiration tech to be designed.

Elements from each provide a good solutions;

For the problems that plague my office institution.

Be cautious of tech but watch out for disillusion;

Thank you to you both for your awesome contributions.