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I decided to categorize my online interactions based on the purpose of my activities and how I participate in the network. On the far left, purely visitor interactions in red. In blue, personal activities like banking, shopping, and maintaining my LinkedIn account where updating my profile for public view is highly recommended. In purple, are my activities that I engage in solely for school. In orange are all of my online interactions for work. All of my interactions with family and friends are coloured green. Next, my two most used platforms outside of work are Instagram and my personal email (yellow). Lastly, Facebook (grey) where I have an existing account for maintaining connections with high school classmates, but have not logged into for more than 6 years.

After a series of adverse online events 6 years ago (related to why I no longer use Facebook), I withdrew my digital presence as much as possible and have only dipped into LinkedIn again during the last two years. A large part of the reason why I have maintained daily resident interactions on Instagram is due to the ability to create multiple accounts – none of which are connected to my name or face. My private account is visible only to friends, family, and coworkers who I have relatively strong connections with. My public account is targeted for online and mutual friends from my husband’s hobby community. This is operated under an alias and mostly consists of daily photos of our food and dogs. This page is public but has a very small following consisting of friends and acquaintances who initially followed my husband’s hobby account.

Digital privacy and safety are some of my top concerns. I continue to explore the boundary between personal and institutional use of digital networks, and how participation in a network to be professionally engaged in a field fits on that spectrum.