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In review of my visitor-resident typology map, it was clear that aside from using the internet for personal and mostly visitor use, I mainly avoided resident behaviour in digital settings except for work and school. Overall, I engage regularly with digital tools through my informal and personal use, but lack the participatory piece of digital literacy. This is in line with the observation that although learners may be “digital natives” in their personal lives, they may not acquire the full toolkit of digital competencies required for lifelong learning (Ryberg and Georgsen, 2010).

To establish direction in my plan for cultivating digital presence and identity, I drew on Beetham’s blog post (2015) that included JISC’s 6 elements of digital capabilities. I identified three key elements that will help shape my progress towards growing my digital presence: creative production, digital participation, and digital learning and professional development. By focusing on these areas of opportunity, I hope to achieve my overall goal of my DIDP: becoming more comfortable with using digital networks and platforms for learning and professional development, and taking the next step by contributing actively in a digital environment as a learner and professional.

Considering my existing digital habits are heavily visitor behaviour, I believe that my DIDP will help me make the transition towards more resident behaviour. To ease my transition, I plan to start from a visitor perspective first. This includes learning about new open source tools, reviewing videos and articles about digital learning and education. Then, transforming my experience into a resident perspective by sharing these tools and artefacts in a reflective blog post.

Objectively, I aim to create at least one monthly post about interesting articles, videos, or tools related to the field of digital learning and education.

Additionally, I plan to step out of my comfort zone of digital anonymity by engaging in two ongoing activities: keeping an up to date resume on my blog as an extension of my LinkedIn profile, and building my professional network by continuing to connect with RRU peers on LinkedIn.



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