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Factors that contribute to a good research question include:

  • Defining the types of data that will be collected to generate evidence supporting or not supporting the hypothesis or theory
    • This includes identifying whether the data is qualitative or quantitative in nature, and the purpose or impact of the data collected
    • Advantages of mixed research include the combination of quantitative and qualitative research in order to generate strong, well-rounded evidence (Johnson and Christensen, 2014)
  • Narrowing the scope of the research so that a singular hypothesis or limited number of hypotheses is being investigated
    • This will help eliminate confounding factors, bias, decrease the scale of the study, and increase the replicability of the method
    • Corroborated findings demonstrate the validity of the data and evidence and lend to the statistical significance of the evidence in support of the hypotheses (Johnson and Christensen, 2014)


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