The future is near, but not all is bright.

In the year 2030, the k-12 learning landscape will be entirely focused on ‘options’. Options in educational delivery and options in learning methodology. In 2021, educational programs in Calgary, Alberta provide its learners and their families with options in relation to school focus, or learner area of interest. Examples of this include Junior high schools that are sports specific, fine arts specific, STEM focused, and more. Learners and their families are able to move outside of their designated school area if they demonstrate a higher level of interest in these specialties. My children, for example have attended an elementary/junior high school that markets itself as a Fine Arts school (with heavy emphasis on theatric arts and music). My reasoning for choosing this school is simply proximity, as it doubles as my neighborhood designated school.

4 thoughts on “The future is near, but not all is bright.”

  1. Thanks for this description, Paula. I wonder what the implications of these choices are, and I am reminded that there’s a large body of literature around school choice in the US that may be helpful to you to explore.

  2. Interesting, I did not know about these options. I wonder if expanding the boundaries for specialist education such as the fine arts for example will have an impact on enrolment in these areas now that more people will have access?

  3. I wonder whether this type of system inadvertently integrates some kind of elitism? Perhaps simply due to geography, wherein only families with the means to provide or pay for transportation can cross boundaries to attend specific schools? Or, perhaps also due to cultural and/or intergenerational proclivities, skills, and knowledge in certain domains. Could certain schools become the most desirable for preparatory education in technology, engineering, performing arts, etc.?

  4. Very interesting comment Alisha. This is what I am struggling with, the implied elitism that couples with specialized programs. I am certainly looking forward to exploring this topic/issue/trend more (well, “looking forward” maybe is the right term, but y’know…).


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