DLEs and Inclusion: A Fireside Chat at a Distance

Unit 4, Activity 1: Impact of Digital Learning Environments on Inclusion

The graphic below is the result of an engaging and thought-provoking collaboration between Corie, London and I.  Click on the image to access a linked high resolution pdf.


4 thoughts to “DLEs and Inclusion: A Fireside Chat at a Distance”

  1. Wow! Amber, Corie, and London! This is a really neat idea. I love how you had your discussion on a social platform.

    Also – great job on comparing inclusive education between our two provinces. There is some great information in there. Also – it was really fun to real!

    1. Thanks Paula! We had a blast with this assignment :).

      It is absolutely fascinating to take a look at how the provinces approach inclusion in K-12 education differently. I would like to take some time to compare the policies of each province and territory, and look for similarities and differences. It could be a challenge to determine a common country-wide definition, but I also wonder if it would be beneficial if all Canadian public education systems had a common definition and framework to work from. Something I would like to think more about!

      Thanks for reading our post. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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