Dr. Torrey Trust: Technology for Transforming Student Learning

Dr. Torrey Trust is an Associate Professor of Learning Technology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Dr. Trust has the distinction of being recognized on EdTech’s 2020 Higher Education IT Influencer list, which is comprised of individuals who inspired and engaged those in higher education through their work with digital technology and social media (Pang & Glenn Manfuso, 2020). A perusal of Dr. Trust’s work makes it immediately clear why she was chosen to appear on this list. Her belief in the power and potential of technology in education is obvious, and as she states on her website, “in the hands of a creative educator, technology can offer learning experiences that reach beyond our imagination and prepare us for the exciting, yet unpredictable, future” (Trust, n.d.). One of my first introductions to Dr. Trust was in her video about the differences between emergency remote learning and quality online instruction, and suggestions on how to create quality learning experiences in digital spaces. I particularly appreciated that she included relationship building as part of quality online instruction (Trust, 2020b), because as Weller so perfectly states, education “is a fundamentally human experience” (2020, p. 159). 

Dr. Trust has authored and co-authored many publications related to learning and technology in both K-12 and higher education contexts. One project I found particularly interesting was the open access book entitled Teaching with Digital Tools and Apps. This book is an incredibly useful resource for educators at all levels who are looking for guidance in finding, evaluating, and using digital tools in their teaching practice (Trust, 2020a). An additional feature of this book is the presence of annotations in each chapter. Visitors to this open resource can peruse the annotations done by Dr. Trust’s undergraduate and graduate students as part of their Teaching and Learning with Technology coursework. The content of the book and the discussions and collaboration evident through the annotations are useful, relevant, and informative for those in the field of learning and technology. 

Dr. Trust clearly has a passion for technology and creating rich and dynamic learning experiences for students. The research she has done, as well as the materials and resources she has developed for educators, are a significant contribution to the field of learning and technology, and I am excited to see what Dr. Trust does next. 

You can follow Dr. Trust on Twitter at @torreytrust


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3 thoughts to “Dr. Torrey Trust: Technology for Transforming Student Learning”

  1. Hi Amber,
    Thank you for this very thoughtful overview of my work. You have captured my passion as an edtech educator very well in your writing! I am excited that you found the Teaching with Digital Tools and Apps eBook helpful, as well as the annotations in the eBook. I’m looking forward to using that eBook again next semester so my students can add more annotations/comments!

    1. Oh my goodness. I’m having a bit of a fan-girl moment right now! What a fantastic way to start a Monday – thank you so much for your response!

  2. Hi Amber,
    Thanks for sharing about such an inspiring and forward-thinking professional in the field. I have so much appreciation for authors who contribute to the growing body of OER, and I have added Dr. Trust’s to my list of resources.

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