Internal Resistance

Wise words from the author of this piece that I read today:

“You can create so much increased space in your brain just moving from “I need to apply will power so I stop being so bad and lazy” to “I’m experiencing a lot of internal resistance, let me get inventive in working with it today”.

  1. Internal resistance is on my side
  2. Get curious about the resistance
  3. Negotiate with it
  4. I’m not alone. This is very human.

What’s a Good Research Question?

A good research question is, obviously, answerable by research, or at least it seems answerable at first. It describes a theory that will be researched in a way that other researchers can understand and attempt to repeat.

The theory on which the question is based must also be falsifiable and parsimonious, testable, be able to predict future tests of it, repeatable, and general enough to apply to more than one situation (Johnson et al., 2014).


Johnson, R.B. & Christensen, L. (2014). Introduction to educational research. In Educational research: quantitative, qualitative, and mixed approaches (p.19). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.