Updated: My Digital Tech Use Map — Activity 2

After watching the video, Just the Mapping by Dave White, I quickly sketched out a draft of my digital map on a scrap piece of paper.  I decided to create the final version on paper and colour code my tool use.  Red for everyday use, blue for weekly-monthly use and green for rarely-almost never.  

During the preliminary sketch, I was consciously aware that I would lean more to the Visitors side of the map due to my lack of a digital presence on the Internet.  However, my work and school have created situations where I have had to create a digital “footprint” in order to stay connected or because it is required.

After taking some time to reflect on my map, two things stood out to me.  First, I was surprised at how my use of Zoom has trickled into all four areas of my map.  Some of my work Zoom calls are recorded and shared with stakeholders to disseminate information and may include a YouTube video for educational purposes which explains the overlap of the YouTube and Zoom bubbles.

The 2nd thing was the small green “Games” bubble all alone in the upper right quadrant.  It is included on my map because my sons created an Clash of Clans account for me so that I could share the experience of online gaming.  I am sad to report that I am not very good at maintaining a “clan” because I need check in daily.

My conceptual map highlighted the lack of activity in the Personal/Resident quadrant.  This is not surprising as I am aware that I have a little to no digital online presence but it brought forth the following questions:  does this mean that something is “wrong” because of lack of activity in this area?  Should we aim to have a good balance in all areas?  I felt that this is a very “black and white” classification approach for the most part.  However, with increased tool use, the lines are being blurred between Visitor and Resident even though I have tried to keep things separate.

Cormier’s alternate tension pair offers more insight and an additional layer to my conceptual map. Cormier (2018) says, “…V&R tends to look at things from a tool perspective rather than from the perspective of what someone is trying to get done”.  I find that there is more of a balance in this tension pair and can easily think of different situations where I will use digital vs analogue based on a collaborative or individual need.  For example, I initially drafted my map on a piece of paper for myself. If I need to do collaborative work with a group I find myself gravitating towards a digital collaborative tool to get the work done.  I find that this tension pair is more informative regarding my digital technology use.


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3 thoughts on “Updated: My Digital Tech Use Map — Activity 2”

  1. Hi Gail,

    I had a similar experience, noticing my ‘Resident’ use was almost exclusively school or work-driven. I find it interesting how different our mapping is for the same tools as we use them differently. Using Zoom, I am simply a ‘Visitor’ attending meetings or social calls. I anticipate checking in daily and staying current will be challenging for me as I grow my digital presence with new platforms like Twitter and blogging.
    Did you find this exercise helpful for writing your Digital Identity Digital Plan?


    1. Hi Melissa,
      I honestly thought that I would the “anomaly” in the group with the lack of Personal/Resident usage. It’s comforting to know that i am not alone and there will be others like me who will be taking the “plunge” to create a digital identity and presence. I am currently reflecting on this exercise as I prepare my Digital Identity Plan. I envision finding a balance where my digital presence is known and I am contributing to a subject of like minded individuals with clear objectives and goals. I will ask you the same question on your blog 🙂

      1. You are definitely not alone!
        I am with you on trying to find that balance, part of my goal is to have an ‘intentional’ presence that I create.

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