Immediate Relevance – Blogs and E-Portfolios

Since embarking on MALAT and looking at the design of our program. I have wondered about blogs as spaces for students to develop e-portfolios coming out of the program I teach. We talk around e-portfolios in our program but have not implemented them yet. Our program advisory committee will be starting again and I want to get a sense from them if e-portfolios for our students will have value for potential employers of our students.


Contradicting Practices

One of the main ways this reading has reinforced something I knew but now have the why behind the arguments is that the LMS is not where learning should live. Prior to the covid 19 shutdown I taught face to face classes that were supported by the LMS through posting grades and announcements. When we pivoted to DL our LMS became the place to create our classes and holds the learning spaces. We were told the LMS is the technology the institution supports and they will not support any other technology adoptions and discouraged us from using other tech for learning. While this has led to experimentation and developing our LMS to do things we never demanded previously I think the restriction of making this our learning space is short sighted and more a business process centred decision rather than a learning centred decision and probably something we should push back on.