At Cascadia this year the keynote, Brenna Clarke-Gray shared her Manifesto for the Future (2021). Brenna presented on the topics of creating care in education, the lack of care that became apparent in the shift to pandemic teaching and the morality of surveillance software adoption by faculty as a solution to students cheating on assessments. We have been having these conversations about surveillance software at my institution mainly initiated because students submitted formal complaints about being subjected to surveillance software for their assessments. The response from management has so far been to have students sign off on giving up more of their privacy to ensure we are covered with privacy issues for the software proctoring tool use.

Here is my presentation that I have prepared for tomorrow’s education council meeting where I am requesting my college ban surveillance software use inspired by Brenna’s keynote.

Slide deck:



Clarke-Gray, Brenna. A Manifesto for the Future. Cascadia Summit 2021 Keynote.