Tangled Threads

“Thread left to be untangled” by ohsohappytogether is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The map results in my previous post Considering Dave Cromier’s Digital Mapping and by following some of the guidance from Shannon Lucky and Joseph E. Rubin (2017) I have created an overall goal to separate out my professional academic work from my personal life so I feel more free to post and create content in both areas. Right now the two blend and because of this I hesitate to post and do anything more than lurk on social media. I will take some actions to separate the professional and personal side of my social media presence and cultivate the professional side by committing to posting content I create that will mainly come from my blog.

To cultivate my professional life online I will undertake four things:

  1. Improve my blog
  2. Find partners to collaborate with in areas of interest.
  3. Create a professional social media presence for my students.
  4. Clean up social media channels that blend with family accounts – (Tik Tok & Youtube)

Actions for Blog Improvements:

1. To incorporate the CV page into the site as right now it is sitting there with a broken link.    Complete by June 30, 2021 

2. Bring the hidden pages that are created for student activities into the public view and give them the correct licensing to share with other educators. Complete by March 2022 – request release. 

3. Write a minimum of one blog post per month. Add reminder in calendar each month review this goal in August 2021. 

Finding collaboration Partners:

1. Tie my blog posts into my Twitter feed. Review in August 2021

2. Update my Twitter profile. Complete by June 30, 2021

3. Post original content on my Twitter feed a minimum of once every two weeks (separate from the blog posting) that is directly related to academic work and topics. Start in May 2021 review in August 2021. 

Create a professional social media presence for my students.

1. Update Linkedin Profile photo. By May 30, 2021. 

2. Accept connections from professional and student networks. By May 30, 2021.

3. Share achievements and recent work with Linkedin network. As updated on blog.

Clean up some Channels. 
1. Get the kid an appropriate youtube account. By end of May 2021. 

2. Go through teaching videos and separate them out into a teaching account. By end of May 2021. 

3. Hide some videos that are out of date. By end of May 2021. 

4. Set up a family Tik Tok and a Teaching Tik Tok separately.  By end of May 2021.


Lucky, Shannon and Rubin, Joseph E. (2017) Cultivating Your Online Presence. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 12,(2)